Software and Applications System Development Projects Portfolio

STEPS Software Development and Applications Division maintained and achieved general stability through running its in-house developed applications under the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), hereunder are the projects .

  • Admission Scanned Data Module
  • Alumni Priest Association
  • Assessment Module (All Colleges)
  • Auditing
  • Budget Forecaster
  • COBOL Migration (Student Billing)
  • CWTS/LTS Menu
  • Cafeteria Cashiering System
  • Car Sticker Registration
  • Cashiering System for Car Stiker
  • Cashiering System for Genral Use
  • Cashiering System for Publishing House
  • Cashiering System for Reservation
  • Certificate Menu
  • Check Menu
  • Chronolog Menu
  • Deans Menu
  • Direct Hired/Contractuals Information and Payroll System
  • Ecclesiastical Faculties Menu
  • Enrollment System
  • Faculty Information System
  • Faculty Payroll System
  • Finance Systems
  • Form6 Assessment
  • Grades Posting Menu
  • Guidance & Counselling Dept. Menu
  • High School/EducHighSchool System
  • Human Resource Information System
  • IT Inventory System
  • Institute of Religion Menu
  • LESO Apparatus Inventory
  • LESO Chemical Inventory
  • Loans Maintenance System
  • Medicine Admissions Menu
  • NSTP Enrolment Tagging Menu
  • OFAD Calendar
  • OSA Menu
  • Operator Menu
  • Oracle Financials
  • PE Registration Menu
  • Registrars Menu
  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship Maintenance
  • School Calendar Menu
  • Student Refunds
  • Support Staff Payroll System
  • Tellers Menu
  • Working Scholar Payroll System
  • qwery

Network and Hardware Operations Projects Portfolio

The Hardware and Network Division of STEPS,ensure that all networking facilities that house the University computing systems and associated components are well-maintained and optimized. Hereunder are the projects.

Bandwidth Upgrade

The University bandwidth has been upgraded (from 2.5 Gbps to 3.5 Gbps,and the redundancy to 1.5 Gbps) with diversity link featuresto accommodate user special requirements of the following departments:

  1. Online Library Journal Subscriptions
  2. ITHM Galileo Airline Ticketing System
  3. Accountancy SAP
  4. e-Learning System or Blackboard of UST Education Technology Center (Ed Tech)
  5. Webhosting services
  6. Video conferencing services. VPN for remote system monitoring of the Data Center network equipment as well as the Security Cameras were also considered.

The 3.5Gbps link is subscribed from the Eastern Telecommunications and the redundant link of 1.5Gbps is subscribed from the PLDT Company.

Desktop Computer Upgrade for the Library

Computer units were upgraded for the different sections and branches of the Benavides Library replacing the 149 seven-year-old IBM Thinkpad desktop units to support the current system and online requirements of the students, faculty members, and support staff.

Full Network Integration of the University Security Cameras

Full network and system integration of the perimeter and indoor securitycameras for central control, monitoring, and management of the UST Facilities and Management Office (FMO).For Phase I—Beato Angelico Building, Commerce Building, Medicine Building, Main Building, and the Quadricentennial Pavillion. For Phase II—Faculty of Engineering, College of Education, Thomas Aquinas Research Complex, High School Building, Tan Yan Kee Students’ Center, College of Accountancy, and the Network Operations Center.

Infrastructure Projects

Network integration, data access improvement, and expansion of the following departments in coordination with the Facilities and ManagementOffice:

  1. Conversion of Classroom to CTHM Faculty Room (3rd Floor)
  2. Relocation of the Office of the Dean, College of Nursing to Rooms 314, 316, and 318.
  3. Conversion of Physics Laboratory to Computer Laboratory, College of Nursing (2nd Floor).
  4. Relocation of the Office of the Dean, College of Rehabilitation Science to Room 215.
  5. Renovation of the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (2nd Floor).
  6. Renovation of the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Letters (2nd Floor).
  7. Renovation of the Office of the Dean, College of Education (3rd Floor).
  8. Renovation of the Office of the Dean, College of Science (3rd Floor).
  9. Renovation of the Guidance Office, College of Fine Arts and Design (4th Floor).
  10. Conversion of Classrooms to Audio-Visual Room, College of Architecture (3rd Floor).
  11. Renovation of Organization Rooms, College of Architecture (6th Floor).
  12. Renovation of Vision-Magazine Room, College of Architecture (4th Floor).
  13. Network integration of the UST Hospital.
  14. Renovation of the Domus Mariae.
  15. Network integration of the UST Alumni Building
Installation of Cisco Gigabit Switches

Installation of Cisco 2960x gigabit switches to gradually replace the 5-6year old 3Com 10/100 switches to support access requirements and speed up intranet and internet connection.

Membership and Subscription Renewal
  1. APNIC for the use of Internet Public Addresses (IPv4/IPv6).
  2. PHNet for the Bi-Annual Domain Registration (
  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (Standard) and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers (Standard).
Software Volume Licenses for Offices and Computer Laboratories
  1. Gradual upgrade of Operating Systems and Microsoft Office for compliance.
  2. Installation of Office 2016 licenses for Mac Computers.